Thursday, December 07, 2006


...i'm a bad blogger. sorry. no time plus no laptop equals no blogging. or at least very little. i've posted a couple times on the scrapping one, but even that is minimal. i promise more when we get the computer back.

autumn's latest favorite things to do:
  • climbing in the empty cupboard next to the fridge (very small, but very deep) until only her feet are showing. then, while she's laying there in the dark she sings to herself.
  • pulling out all of my rubber stamps and "organizing" them all over the office--putting them in rows all with the same side facing out, stacking them, whatever.
  • pulling ALL the toys from the toybox and throwing them around the room. as a result, the toybox temporarily has a big bungie cord wrapped all around it, sealing it shut.
  • getting hurt--we're going through a very accident prone period I guess. toes closed in doors, falling off of everything, walking into the bookshelf, slipping and banging her head on the floor, climbing into places and getting stuck, poor girl is covered in scratches, bruises, and bumps.
  • playing with clothes--she's developed radar for finding clothes everywhere and pulling stuff over her head. sometimes i'll find her with three extra layers on.

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