Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Up, Up, and Away

Autumn is becoming quite a well-traveled child. We're off again tomorrow morning for nearly a week. Back for a week and a half. Then off again for another week and a half.

In fact, I should be doing just about anything but blogging right now. Gotta get dishes done, laundry done, and packed tonight. Oh yeah, and an hour of exercise. When I'm going to get that in, I have no idea.

Totally unrelated photo here, but I've been feeling bad about not posting more...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick update...

Autumn is feeling a lot better, for those of you who have asked. She's finally been put on some allergy medication and it really seems to make her feel a lot better. She's weird though. She actually cooperates with getting stuff sprayed up her nose. I ask her if she wants her medicine, she runs in the room and sniffs until I spray it and then sniffs a few more times, and is totally happy. How many kids do that? If someone wanted to do that to me, I would probably run away and scream. :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Good Morning Kisses

When I get Autumn up in the morning, the first thing she usually does is ask me if Matt is home. "Da? da?" Most of the time I tell her he's at work and she drops the topic. But if he hasn't left yet or if he has the day off she HAS to go find him in bed and jump on him till he wakes up and gives her kisses. Funny girl.

Some new pictures

When I open my door to unlock the car, Autumn squeezes past and hops up into the driver seat while I'm opening her door. She loves to "drive"! :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


  • during this last week we set an all-time cold record for the area. it froze overnight between april 7th and 8th.
  • we have had almost no rain this spring (which starts here in late january)
  • autumn's allergies have been keeping us inside and the garden is really suffering for it.
  • while cars in other areas turn white or gray from salt on the roads in march, here, all the cards turn green from the massive amounts of pollen in the air. you can live in a subdivision without a single tree, but it still gets to you.
  • a mcdonald's vanilla cone has only 150 calories. sonic, only 160. dairy queen, over 300.
  • i'm going on a retreat this weekend, if autumn's health cooperates. 3 days of conversation with adult females. it will be very different.
  • i haven't washed dishes since friday. no one else has either. but the living room is finally thoroughly vacuumed.
  • i really like live oaks
  • i just bought airline tickets for my sister's wedding in may. today is the last day of some great airtran sales, if you need to fly somewhere.
  • diet A&W is good
  • this morning i made matt french toast with fresh strawberries dusted with powdered sugar and bacon and good coffee. mine was slightly different because i had french toast with low calorie bread, egg white only and strawberries sweetened with splenda. still pretty good though.
  • freecycle rocks.
  • my "to do" list currently takes up three pages, two columns on each page. and i have a lot more to add to it, so i better get off the computer and get some stuff done.

Monday, April 09, 2007

her favorite place on Easter

...well, other than bed or the rocking chair with me (she was so tired)...

How she actually dressed for Easter

...though she was feeling pretty rotten and running a fever the whole time...

Prayer Request

Autumn could use a little prayer. She's been sick for the last five days or so with a fever and feeling miserable. We went to the Dr. today, since we finally could, and she's having a strong heart murmur and low white blood cell counts. It's probably nothing, just a result of having a fever/virus for so long, but we're keeping an eye on it. And she's still feeling rotten. So she could use some prayers. Thanks!

How Autumn Wanted to Dress for Easter

And that dress had FIVE layers of fabric she had to dig under to find her belly button to rub.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Egg Hunt

A few pics from last weekend's Egg Hunt....


...just aren't any fun. Autumn was having some problems with sneezing and a runny nose for a few days from being outside and now she's all congested and not sleeping again. Which means she just wants to be held. Which means I get nothing done.

Check out my scrapping blog if you want to see the new projects I did using Savvy n Sassy ribbon, and also for pictures of the tags we're going to make at the mini-class I'm teaching on Saturday. Fun. :-)

Thursday, April 05, 2007


has been keeping us pretty busy. we've added on to the big bed in the side yard that we started last year. it's looking GREAT, so that's encouraging. Yesterday we also put in a small bed around one of the two cedars in the front yard. Hopefully it will survive without being completely dug up by the squirrels. I also sprayed the roses and cannas yesterday for bugs (I NEVER do this, but decided I want them to look nice this year). most of the cannas are about knee-high right now, but growing really fast. and the lilies that we JUST put in are already several inches out of the ground, looking really good. put in some onions in the vegetable garden, even though they would have been better started earlier, but oh well. two more bunches of strawberries and some squash to plant today. i love gardening this time of year. :-)

Monday, April 02, 2007

What did you do today?

Today I:

-sent off my first ever contract and layout for publication
-sent in our state tax forms
-shopped at home depot and wal-mart--LOTS more plants!!
-had a delicious coffee Matt picked up for me at one of the two best coffee shops in GA
-collected over a bushel of elephant ear roots from someone's yard waste pile next to the road
-set up two trellises and planted two climbing rose bushes
-planted really pretty oriental lilies
-planted a cherry tree
-planted some prize-winning daylilies
-worked (again) on wedding shower invitations--hopefully will be done soon!!
-received over 200 photos in the mail
-received my the ribbon kit for my first ever GDT spot

--and got absolutely no housework done