Sunday, July 29, 2007

Girly Girl -- Part 1

It's not just crocs and sandals with velcro anymore. They're all "I want to do it myself." Especially Mommy's shoes. She loves heels. Walks around in them all the time lately. :-)

Girly Girl--Part 2

No question about it, she's girly. From loving to have her nails painted (and insisting on showing them off to everyone she sees), to wearing necklaces and carrying a purse all the time, she's a girly-girl. :-)

Here she is all ready to go to lunch with her Mommy.

Here is the face she makes when I ask her to smile.

And here she is on the move. Ready to go yet, mom?

Friday, July 27, 2007


Autumn the artist

the new bed I put in. a lot of stuff is dormant right now, but I'm happy with it.

chalk art.


This is the mouse mentioned in the last post, which seems to be attached to Autumn lately. Here she is taking it for a ride in her car.
Love the off center smile photo. :-)

"Mouse Cookies!!!"

LOL. Sounds gross, but it's because of the "if you give a mouse a cookie" book. Autumn has been carrying around the mouse that goes with the book as if it's attached to her. And she has to read the book several times every day.
So I broke down and made cookies. Way reduced in fat cookies, with splenda instead of sugar. So they weren't the best ever. But Autumn thought so.
She was so excited about the "mouse cookies." She helped mix and licked the spoon and stole chocolate chips from the mixing bowl. Then she got to share them with daddy--so proud of herself! :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Lake Pictures

Lake Pictures

I just realized that I totally forgot to upload pictures from our day at the lake. Autumn had the BEST time. Swimming, playing in the sand, feeding ducks, playing with Dylan, eating everything she wanted, playing with sparklers, and then fireworks that night to top it all off.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Moments with Autumn

We're watching a Rocky movie. The new one--really really dumb. Autumn has a thing of baby powder and is pretending to put it all over herself, me, and matt. (She doesn't know how to actually open it yet). Anyway, the guys are boxing on the show--all nasty and sweaty and we're not really paying attention anymore. (I never was to start with--too many scrapping websites to visit. ;-)) I look up and there's Autumn, standing next to the tv, pretending to sprinkle baby powder into her hand and then rubbing it all over the guys on the tv screen. lol.

And this picture has nothing to do with this post, but here ya go:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Good things

in no particular order
  1. lean cuisine paninis--who would have thought something so good could come out of the microwave? (guess what I'm currently eating for lunch?)
  2. new Scenic Route sneak peeks for summer CHA:
  3. ripe red tomatoes from the garden
  4. rain--got some yesterday--finally!
  5. cuddling with matt and autumn while thunder roars outside (see 4)
  6. organic spring mix and baby romaine--now Kroger has their own brand!
  7. getting on the DT at me!
  8. the big asiatic lilies blooming in the flower bed near the front steps
  10. ali edwards blog
  11. my absolute favorite pizza for dinner yesterday. organic spinach stone baked from preferred selection. lotsa garlic--yummy!!
  12. shiny clean bathrooms
  13. the color green
  14. a perfect iced americano (though not the repeated telling of the lady at the local place, yes, i want espresso and water, no, no milk, just espresso and water)
  15. the muppets
  16. lancome defincilis mascara--the best ever
  17. fresh clean sheets
  18. finding i can fit into clothes that have been too small for a long time. :-)
  19. waking up to a clean sink
  20. knowing that i NEVER have to take out the trash (thanks matt!)

Kisses for you!!!

First French Braids

Parted on the side cause her hair WILL NOT part in the middle. First attempt, so not perfect. But she was so good! Stood perfectly still and didn't complain once! :-)

LOL--Even I didn't know she had this much hair!