Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Menu for the next week and a half

getting this done late, so I'm doing the rest of this week and next week. this is always subject to change based on matt's schedule. :-)

Nicest thing is, other than lettuce, greens, and bean sprouts, all of these ingredients are in my freezer and pantry.


  • Dinner - Turkey Taco Salad


  • Breakfast - Oatmeal
  • Lunch - Grilled Cheese (homemade bread) and Tomato Soup
  • Dinner - Steamed Thai Tuna over Rice with Asian Veggies


  • Breakfast - Banana Nut Muffins
  • Lunch - Leftover Turkey Taco Salad
  • Dinner - Skillet Meal or OUT (maybe a date night?)


  • Breakfast - Leftover Muffins
  • Lunch - PB&J, Fruit, Rice Cakes
  • Dinner - Chicken Dinner (pick up for crop)


  • Breakfast - Toast with Pear Butter
  • Lunch - Sandwiches or out with family
  • Dinner - Asparagus Quiche and Salad


  • Breakfast - Oatmeal
  • Lunch - Taco Soup
  • Dinner - Penne with sauteed vegetables and garlic


  • Breakfast - Oatmeal or Cereal
  • Lunch - Leftover Taco Soup
  • Dinner - Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin and Steamed Rice and Broccoli


  • Breakfast - Toast with Pear Butter
  • Lunch - PB&J, Fruit, Yogurt
  • Dinner - BBQ Tenderloin, Sweet Potatoes, Greens


  • Breakfast - Oatmeal
  • Lunch - Leftovers
  • Dinner - Homemade Pizza and Salad


  • Breakfast - Oatmeal or Cereal
  • Lunch - Leftovers
  • Dinner - Pad Thai with lots of Veggies


  • Breakfast - Oatmeal or Cereal
    Lunch - Leftovers
    Dinner - Lemon Pepper Tuna with Rice and Veggies

Vocalpoint - Free Samples and Coupons

If you're not already a member of Vocalpoint, you should really check it out! It's a free program designed to advertise products via word of mouth. They send free samples and coupons out every so often and surveys occasionally as well. I LOVE them! It's not a points or cash earning opportunity, just a chance to try new products and get coupons.

To join go here:

Just this morning, Autumn had a bowl of frosted mini-wheats for breakfast that came in the mail yesterday along with coupons. (You can also learn from Vocalpoint-I had no idea that a bowl of mini-wheats with milk had the same amount of protien and fiber as an egg and two slices of whole wheat toast!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Visit to Dauset Trails - part 2

Lovin' a day out with Daddy. Totally stole the idea for this photo from my friend Kim.

Visit to Dauset Trails - part 1

Great free wildlife park we visited to see the birds of prey (we're studying them in pre-school).

Tonight's Publix Run

Gotta love BOGO sales with coupons!

2 boxes Teddy Grahams
2 cans Almonds
2 jars Premium Peaches
2 jars Skippy Peanut Butter
10 boxes Frozen Marinated Fish Fillets

cost: $5.21
tax: $1.17

saved: $80.32

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Autumn's Invisible Friend

He's been around for a while, but I only recently found out that he is a "he".

She talks to him a lot. I'll hear her babbling on and ask her what she's talking about, only to be informed that she was not talking to me, but to him.

Yesterday I was told that his name is Wilbur.

He is currently "at work and [she's] talking to him on the phone" while she cleans up her legos.

Sometimes he is big. Sometimes he is small. She can pretty much always tell you where he happens to be standing and sometimes it's the most unlikely place...

...considering that no matter what other aspects of him change he is always a cow.

don't forget... get your .50 iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts today! :-)

Friday, April 03, 2009

after the rain...

we went outside and were walking around the yard looking at all the late-blooming azaleas and yellow iris...and we walked under the flowering pear (?) that is in our yard. autumn was complaining about the mess under the tree and i explained that those were just flower petals that had fallen because of the rain. apparently, that was a little over her head...

because she keeps talking about playing in flower puddles instead.