Tuesday, September 25, 2007


...is kind of a pain.

  1. I need to repaint Autumn's room because it is becoming the office. Kills me because we spent WEEKS painstakingly measuring out the stripes and taping stuff off to paint it in it's current stripes.
  2. I need to paint our current room because the walls are dirty and nasty and Autumn's going to be moving in there.
  3. I need to paint the kitchen because most of the walls are covered in ugly peel and stick contact paper. (Yes, I'm serious.) And the rest are a very ugly shade of green flat paint.
  4. I need to paint the 1/2 bath because the color is awful and again old flat paint that can't be washed, which is a real pain in the bathroom.
  5. I will soon need to paint our new room (assuming the remodel starts on time)
  6. I need to paint the office/craft room/guest room just because.

And what have I gotten done? The kitchen ceiling. That's it. But it looks a lot better creamy off white than it did ugly green. :-)

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Lise said...

I feel your pain - really. I have a huge laundry list of things that need to be painted (including stripes in the baby's room) and I can't start until I've peeled all of the HIDEOUS borders off. So far I've only finished the bathroom so now I can paint it. Yay!