Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Frugal Gardening - Starting Seeds - Part 1

Disclaimer: I'm sure there are just as many ways of doing this as there are gardeners, but this is how I do it. I am by no means an expert, just someone who likes to garden. This is the process that works for me. For more information, I highly recommend you visit WinterSown. You can learn all about winter sowing as well as get free seeds to use in your own winter sowing efforts.

Supplies Needed:
  • milk jugs (or cartons, or tall foam cups, or any other container you can re-use that will hold at least 3" of soil, plus plants)
  • good quality potting soil (go ahead and buy the good stuff, you'll save enough everywhere else)
  • heavy duty kitchen shears or a utility knife
  • duct tape
  • plant markers (optional) and a marker
  • seeds

First I gather a lot of milk jugs and other containers. I don't like having these sit around all year, so I just ask friends and family to save them for me for about the month before I plant. I always end up with enough. Make sure these are SUPER CLEAN. I wash them out beforehand and then after cutting them to make sure they're really clean.

Start by cutting slits in the bottom of the container for drainage.

Then, pinch the corner of the jug that is opposite of the handle about halfway up the jug. Snip with your shears.

From the snipped point, cut around the jug, leaving the handle section intact.

Fill with at least three inches of good quality potting soil. Soil should be moist before you put it in the containers. Not dripping wet, but damp.

Next plant your seeds in the dirt according the the package directions. I plant a lot more than the package calls for, and then divide them when I transplant. But how you do this is really up to you.

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