Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We had a great Christmas this year. We started out on the night before Christmas Eve by driving the 30+ minutes to go get coffee at Starbucks. We hardly ever go out for coffee anymore, so it was a real treat, despite the drive. (And the pumpkin spice latte was just right. :-))

On Christmas Eve we went to the 8:00 communion service at our church. After the service and communion, we filed out onto the lawn and lit candles and sang. Stopped at Waffle House after that and then home for the annual viewing of Die Hard. (Yes, it is a Christmas movie.)

In the morning we got up and opened presents. Autumn doesn't quite get it yet, but she liked all the colors and the paper. I think she would have been a lot more excited if we had let her eat the paper, like she wanted to. After a while, we headed over to Matt's parent's house for Christmas dinner and more presents. Autumn also got to go outside and visit with the horses. She liked Shorty best, since he's closest to her size.

Then Autumn stayed with her grandma, while Matt and I went out to see Narnia. It's still a little strange when we go out without her. I'm always expecting her to be next to me, and I have to keep reminding myself where she is.

Overall, it was just nice to take things slow and really enjoy the time together.

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