Thursday, September 14, 2006


Jess, I don't really have any new new pictures of Autumn. I've been too preoccupied with painting, tearing up carpet, and scrapping like mad. But here are a couple of her eating chicken. I'll try to take some more soon.

The living room is mostly finished. The only thing left in the hallway to do is right around the bottom of the baseboard where it was covered by the carpet. The dining area hasn't been started yet. I have to wait for Matt to help me move some of the heavier furniture before I can begin over on that side of the room.

So far the floors look pretty good under the carpet. Which is a happy thing. Oh, and I found an area rug that I like. Far out of our price range, of course, but I like it anyway. Oddly enough, it's a traditional rug--I NEVER like traditional ones. I usually just like contemporary or jute or sisal ones. But there's this traditional one at Linens and Things that really appeals to me, for some reason. It's got the cranberry and olive and brown colors I like, all nicely faded to the shades we're using.

I did about 17 or 18 pages this week--and 6 or 7 last Saturday at the crop. (And projects piling up--but that's a good thing. :-)) It really helped to have Gma K visiting, so I didn't have to watch Autumn the whole time. And Autumn enjoyed the extra attention. She doesn't seem to be feeling too great these last couple days--I think she may have a bit of a stomach bug again. And she's just finally been recovering from the last one.

Gotta run--a couple more things to do online, then need to clean up some more. Then bed.

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