Friday, November 10, 2006

Sitting here with my english muffin and a cup of hot chocolate that replaced my coffee this morning (it's that kind of day). Overwhelmed with how many things there are to do today. But they're mostly nice things. Like planning when to have a Memory Works open house. How I'm going to decorate for Christmas. Pondering either block painting some canvases or creating a series of collages to go along the top part of the side wall in the living room (I've never done either before). Contemplating teaching a mini-class at my cropping group next month. Lots and lots of scrapbooking to finish. Christmas presents to make. Thanksgiving presents to make (my family). Figuring out what to use my Michael's 50% off coupon on (I think I want a Cropadile). Thinking about applying for two new design teams in the works. Need to make a list of things to take to NC for Thanksgiving. Need to figure out when and where to take photos for our Christmas cards (which I am, once again, not making this year). Oh, and trying to figure out how I look as a redhed.

Well, not really. Just got the red highlights back in again after a year. Except there are more of them. And they're redder. But I LOVE my haircut. :)

Yesterday: got caught up on kitchen chores, got my hair done, got presents for the two people we have in our Thanksgiving name exchange, bought Jenn's bday gift, ran errands, got two more projects upoaded to sassacraft, bought a (cheap, temporary) rug for the dining room, planted all the rest of the iris and elephant ears, and went out for lunch.

I'd better go since Autumn will be up soon and I need to get at least one thing done first, so the morning won't be a total wash. Oh, I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I've got an Etsy shop now. Though there's not much in it at the moment. I will be listing some gift card holders sometime soon. If I get some decent pictures ever.

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