Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Moments with Autumn

We're watching a Rocky movie. The new one--really really dumb. Autumn has a thing of baby powder and is pretending to put it all over herself, me, and matt. (She doesn't know how to actually open it yet). Anyway, the guys are boxing on the show--all nasty and sweaty and we're not really paying attention anymore. (I never was to start with--too many scrapping websites to visit. ;-)) I look up and there's Autumn, standing next to the tv, pretending to sprinkle baby powder into her hand and then rubbing it all over the guys on the tv screen. lol.

And this picture has nothing to do with this post, but here ya go:

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Ceil said...

LOL. Better watch out with that baby powder. One of my brothers as a baby was put down for a nap at my great-aunt's and "discovered" the powder, deciding that it looked great sprinkled generously across her royal blue carpet:-P