Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...biscotti baking time.

6 recipes of almond toffee biscotti done (i've decided not to decorate it this year)
2 more recipes of almond toffee mixed up and chilling in the fridge
6 recipes of my new experimental flavor also chilling in the fridge till tomorrow morning

Things are rather crazy here, because all the rooms in our house are still so switched around. That, and running to the bathroom with autumn every fifteen minutes trying to potty train, and I'm getting rather close to losing my mind.

But...there are lights up on the house now, FIL came over and re-hung the shutters, and we've pulled down the "stabucks trees" from the attic. I've started setting up bits and pieces of Christmas decorations here and there where I can find a clear surface.

Family pictures early this morning and being on my feet making biscotti ALL day and I'm ready for bed with at least three hours yet to go.

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Leah said...

Katie, you should post your biscotti recipe, it sounds amazing!