Sunday, December 30, 2007


We finally have a functioning shower in the new addition.

Eventually here I'll have to take some pictures to share with y'all. All the painting is done and most of the furniture is moved in. Just need to buy some things like rugs, blinds, etc. still.

By far my favorite thing is the closet. It's a true walk-in closet done completely in the Stolmen system from IKEA It's the white and stainless version though. And we chose different pieces, but you get the idea. We each have a combination of this size, but with more hanging room and not as many shelves. Matt has the pants rack on his side, instead of the long set of drawers.

The walls are this awesome green somewhere between lime and sage. We have a stainless steel industrial-looking light fixture from IKEA on the ceiling that totally matches the shelving system. We also had them install an outlet high up for an iron (so the cord doesn't get tangled) and there's actually enough space in there to iron clothes in the closet. :-)

While it's all awesome, you have to live in a house built in the fifties (where they didn't believe in closets, apparently) to truly understand how much we appreciate it.

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