Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Baking Day" Part Four

Wednesday afternoon after grocery shopping, I came home and started browning ground chuck for the pasta sauce in the crock pot. Made sauce with lots of fresh herbs from the garden, then added it all together with spinach to simmer in the crock pot.

Baked two loaves of oatmeal bread and two more batches of muffins for the freezer. (not pictured)

Cooked pasta and assembled baked ziti with lots of cheese and popped them in the oven. Made four-six meals worth of baked ziti. Some below.

Mixed up four batches of pizza dough, freezing three and making BBQ chicken pizza for dinner.

Baked a couple dozen pecan tarts, but the rest will have to be for tomorrow. I'm just too tired! I'm hoping to put together a complete list and how much I spent, but again, just too tired.

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Undeserving said...

Great job, Katie! It's so inspiring to see what you accomplished! I was certainly hoping to participate in baking day as well, but the flu got the better of me. Ah well, at least now I have lots of posts to read for inspiration and recipes! :-) Miss you guys!