Thursday, April 05, 2007


has been keeping us pretty busy. we've added on to the big bed in the side yard that we started last year. it's looking GREAT, so that's encouraging. Yesterday we also put in a small bed around one of the two cedars in the front yard. Hopefully it will survive without being completely dug up by the squirrels. I also sprayed the roses and cannas yesterday for bugs (I NEVER do this, but decided I want them to look nice this year). most of the cannas are about knee-high right now, but growing really fast. and the lilies that we JUST put in are already several inches out of the ground, looking really good. put in some onions in the vegetable garden, even though they would have been better started earlier, but oh well. two more bunches of strawberries and some squash to plant today. i love gardening this time of year. :-)

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