Monday, April 02, 2007

What did you do today?

Today I:

-sent off my first ever contract and layout for publication
-sent in our state tax forms
-shopped at home depot and wal-mart--LOTS more plants!!
-had a delicious coffee Matt picked up for me at one of the two best coffee shops in GA
-collected over a bushel of elephant ear roots from someone's yard waste pile next to the road
-set up two trellises and planted two climbing rose bushes
-planted really pretty oriental lilies
-planted a cherry tree
-planted some prize-winning daylilies
-worked (again) on wedding shower invitations--hopefully will be done soon!!
-received over 200 photos in the mail
-received my the ribbon kit for my first ever GDT spot

--and got absolutely no housework done


Lindy said...

Oh, well, that's the beauty of housework . . . it will always be there tomorrow. Unfortunately for us, the housework fairy doesn't come and whisk the dust from under our pillows while we sleep. =(

Lindy said...

Do you remember Samantha Kelly? Apparently she called my mom last week and she's back in LaGrange. Weird, huh?