Friday, June 26, 2009

I *heart* SwagBucks!!!

Okay, so maybe I'm a little weird, but I am so excited!! I've been using SwagBucks for a while now, running a search or two on it every day. And I finally turned my points in for Amazon giftcodes...$25 in Amazon gift codes to be exact. They showed up today in my inbox, ready to be redeemed and I went over to Amazon to browse around.

I have wanted an immersable blender since last fall when we made pear butter and I borrowed my friend Michelle's. I put it on my Christmas list and everything. But there never seems to be enough spare cash to get one.

On they had the $55.00 Cuisinart one for $29.95 and free shipping! So I was able to get a blender that was far nicer than one I would have gotten for myself under normal conditions and I was able to get it for $4.95 shipped after my swagbucks gift codes!!!

I LOVE SwagBucks! Want to join? It's so easy. Go here to signup: SwagBucks (this link will add me as your referral.)

How does it work? You just run your searches through instead of Google or another search engine and you win SwagBucks that can be redeemed for all sorts of prizes and giftcards. You can even install the SwagBucks toolbar so you can have the search box always available at the top of your window.

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