Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Life With The Girl - Thumbsucking Edition

We've been going through a kind of traumatic time lately. A couple weeks ago, Autumn fell and nearly knocked one of her teeth out against a piece of furniture. She cut her gum pretty badly as well. The tooth tightened up again pretty quickly, but the gum has taken longer to heal.

As a result of the super-loose tooth, we put medical tape on her thumbs to try to keep them out of her mouth. You have to understand she sucks either one and one of them is in her mouth pretty much all the time. The tape has been a great reminder not to suck them.

And she hasn't. Not for the last couple weeks. Which I'm thankful for....

and also about to go crazy!

No sucking thumbs means its harder for her to go to sleep. And when she wakes up in the middle of the night (which inevitably happens...at least twice) she can't suck them to comfort herself back to sleep. Which means that she cries until she can think of something she has to tell me, then she screams her way to my room to tell me whatever it is.

Waking up several times a night to deal with a hysterical kid is really getting old.

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