Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crazy Kroger Shopping

Okay, don't ask me how I did it because this one was complex involving the mega-deal overlapping with a catalina deal ending today and TONS of coupons. Oh, and three transactions.

Total Saved: $84.56
Total Spent after cats, etc: $3.38 (and I even included taxes!)

15 bags Kraft cheese
4 boxes mini wheats
3 bottles A1 sauce
4 bags chex mix
1 box special K bars
2 bottles Sobe (one pictured, we drank the other one)
1 bag Quaker snacks

1 comment:

Undeserving said...

Great job, Katie! Yeah, we had the catalina deal running on the Kraft cheese two weeks ago and it was terrific! My freezer is now packed with cheese... and all for free! Yay!