Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm very bored. I really wish we had some friends down here. So far, we haven't even been able to find a place to meet people. Church on Sunday mornings really doesn't present many opportunities besides the "oh, what a cute baby" or "good morning, nice to see you here" comment time right after the service, before people rush off to find lunch. Don't get me wrong, the people at Trinity are very friendly--that's what attracted us to the church--but it's really hard to get to know someone when you only have about 5 minutes to talk.

We joined a Sunday evening class, but it seems that everyone else who attends is 20-60 years older than us--and it's mostly women who's husbands aren't interested in attending. I don't have any problem with having older friends, but everyone here seems to be so established in where they are, etc.

Then there's also the problem that we are pretty much fish out of water as far as our interests go. I think we're just such inside-the-beltway types that it's hard to relate to people this much in the real world. I don't think we're really snobs, it's just that most of the things that we pay attention to or want to talk about would bore most people our age in this area to death.

So I'm seriously doubting if we'll ever be able to find any friends down here. And somehow talking on the phone, and sending emails, and reading the blogs of all of our PHC friends just isn't the same as being able to go out and have a good conversation over coffee or having them over for a special meal.

It's just very lonely.

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Lise said...

Hey Mrs. T :-) I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and think about the three of you all the time. I'll be praying for you and hopefully get to see you in the not too distant future. BTW, I might be calling you sometime soon to talk to you about some stuff ;-)