Thursday, January 19, 2006

MLK weekend

Mark, Joel, and Matt Schwartz came down for MLK weekend. It was so much fun to have friends here. :-) But when they left it made me realize again just how lonely it is. We've got to figure out some way to visit the DC area, so we can see everyone again.

We planted some trees, Mark built us a shelf for pictures, the guys visited the local attractions (such as they are), we went shooting (first time ever for me), visited Atlanta, and just sat around and talked. I also really enjoyed the chance to cook for more than two for a change. (And Matt got more experience making margaritas. :-))

Autumn really enjoyed all the attention she got. She discovered a new trick --rolling over and over and over-- and practised it all weekend. She also really enjoyed going to Atlanta--all the new sights and sounds. She even managed to make it through the whole CNN tour without a pacifier!

With Autumn beginning to get more mobile, I'm realizing we really need to buckle down and get some work done on this house. We've gotten some things done just in the last week or so--I guess the effects of all the pain killers finally wore off, because I've started sleeping again and having energy to work on things. But we've really got to get to work. We need to paint most of the rooms still and then pull up carpets. The thought of Autumn crawling all over the stuff that's been here for the last 50+ years is pretty disgusting. (Speaking of which--why on earth do people carpet their kitchens and bathrooms? I've never understood why anyone would do that--yuck!) The problem is that at the same time that I want to get home improvement stuff done, I'm not sure how much time we should invest on getting everything the way we want it to be, since we have no idea how long we'll be here. I guess as long as we don't know, we might as well bite the bullet and get to work regardless.

I had better go make some lunch and get a few things done while Autumn is sleeping (to her favorite music--Johnny Cash).

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