Saturday, January 28, 2006


Autumn's not actually eating any solid foods yet, but occasionally I'll let her taste something. I've been trying to avoid the sweet foods...but the ones that she has decided she likes are kinda weird. She didn't like sweet potatoes, but mashed potatoes were long as she just licked them and didn't get them in her mouth. If they got in her mouth she spit them out and made nasty faces.

I can be a mean mom--I decided to see how Autumn would react to dill pickles, assuming she would be in shock and make funny faces...

She tasted it...made a funny face...and then grabbed my hand and stuck the pickle back in her mouth. And she wouldn't let me take it away after that. She sat there and slurped on it until we had to leave the restaurant. She had the same reaction to green olives.

So she likes formula and pickled vegetables...hmmm....

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