Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Update from Autumn Elizabeth

Mommy went to a hat party for one of Grandma's friends who is having chemo. This is me, modeling the hat that I gave. It's very shiny.

Daddy was gone most of the day working on someone's driveway. I missed him. Mommy is okay, but she doesn't play as much. All she seemed to want to do today was bake bread and wash dishes. She also tried to read to me, but I wasn't interested in books today.

I go to the doctor tomorrow. Daddy says I'm going to get more shots. I don't like shots. They hurt. But at least after tomorrow Mommy and Daddy will be able to answer questions about how big I am. They never seem to know.

Mommy keeps taking me outside and trying to show me flowers in the yard. But I don't really get what all the excitement is about. I just think it is too bright and I try to keep my eyes shut. It's better when she takes me out in my stroller, because then the sun doesn't get in my eyes as much.

I'm going to go to bed now. Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Autumn,

Keep posting pictures of yourself...We love to see you! Tell Mommy that flowers are boring, you want ducklings, bunnies, and other fun things in your backyard instead! We wish you were closer. Please try to talk your parents into bringing you for a visit sometime in the not-so-distant-future. We promise you would have a good time here!

Aunt Jessica