Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's Up

Tired, sunburned, and sick. But satisfied. We had a very successful yard sale yesterday--successful, as in got-rid-of-a-ton-of-stuff-that-we-didn't-have-room-for. And managed to help Matt's parents and grandparents get rid of a lot too. And we all made a little money off of it (though ours is all in quarters and dimes). :-) We've got all the leftovers boxed up to haul off to Goodwill today, so that's good too.

Also, right after we finished cleaning up yesterday, it rained! We've been needing rain so badly. Maybe it will resusitate some of the garden and we can stretch it out a little longer.

Autumn's got a really nasty cold, which she has passed on to me. So we're both staying home from church today with sore throats, headaches, and runny noses.

Also, Grandma Kathryn came to visit, so I gave her the SB pages I've been working on for her and got paid for those. Which means I can go re-invest it in supplies for the next project she has for me to do. She also brought a few more beach pictures to work on from 1974 and 1981. Should be fun. :-)

Matt's heading to Atlanta today--hmmmm.... Happy about this, but unhappy at the same time. I hope it goes well. We really really need to get him some new clothes for the new job, but I don't know that we're going to have a chance to right away.

Also, having quite a bit of car trouble right now--and no one seems to know what the problems are.

Anyway...that's pretty much what's going on right now.

I'll try to get some Autumn pics up today.


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