Monday, July 17, 2006

Yay! (and stuff)

Matt got an offer letter today to join the management trainee program. Next comes the 3 month training process. :-) SOOOO good to finally have things looking up.

I've got bunches and bunches (as my little brother, Gabe, likes to say) of pictures of Autumn to post, but I've been too busy.

Reorganizing the craft/office/storage/guest room with some big bookshelves--I've made such a huge mess.

And I have a big bowl of peeled chopped tomatoes in the fridge that have got to be made into salsa or sauce or something either tonight or tomorrow morning. Lovely.

The primaries are tomorrow. I'll be glad it's over, but it means I won't be able to watch the (very entertaining) nasty nasty nasty negative campaigning of the democrat candidates against each other.

Also, whoever wins, it will be nice not to watch Casey Cagle in his commercials that state his reason for running "I am not Ralph Reed" over and over again. If he loses, he'll be gone. If he wins, he'll have to come up with some other reason to hold office.

We live in the home county of our governor. So there are "Sonny" signs everywhere. What's interesting is that someone has gone all over the town and vandalized nearly all of them, plastering "Boot Perdue" bumper stickers over his name. Lots of people are very mad at him because of going back on his promise to let people vote on the flag.

They just drove by spraying for mosquitos out of the back of a truck. I really need to actually keep track of when they do that.

Anyway, I've gotta run. Lots and lots of cleaning up to do and Autumn needs another bottle before bed.

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~Jessica said...

I know you are busy, but please don't forget to post the pictures of Autumn! Give me Autumn pictures, and I will send you more puppy pictures...Okay?