Friday, March 02, 2007


though I don't know why. But it's been that way the last couple nights. So, as I'm waiting for my Advil PM to kick in, I figured I would blog. It's been a while since I've been on here.

What's going on?

Autumn's growing up incredibly fast. It freaks me out daily. She's still absolutely obsessed with books. (Big Thank You to G'ma K. for the new ones the other day!) I have been horrible about actually taking pictures lately--need to work on that.

The buttons for my next wedding invitation project came in at Hobby Lobby today. I need to pick them up tomorrow morning. And then it's on to making 150+ 3D paper daisies... Crop on Friday night and all day Saturday should help with getting that done. Still need to play with ideas for the reception card. LOL--no getting paid for this time around though.

Matt's been working quite a bit, and still enjoying his job (most of the time). Some days (like today) are hard though...getting home near 12 last night and having to leave a little after 6 this morning.

Oh, I won a GDT spot for the month of March at this cool little Canadian ribbon club: So that's cool. I love ribbon. :0)

Very spring-y weather down here. Warm. We had lots and lots of rain today, but it's still really warm. Oh, and a bunch of tornadoes hit the area. Several people died. Somehow, all the storms went right around our town though. It looked weird on the news, severe weather all the way around us, on every side, but not much of anything here...just rain. Bunches of rain.

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