Friday, June 08, 2007


We stopped in at the local coffee shop tonight. It was nice. We haven't been in a while. Good lattes. (As long as the right person makes it!)

(I've been a horrible hypocrite and have been going to Starbucks occasionally. Why? Because it has a drive-thru mostly. It's just such a pain when I'm by myself, to get Autumn out of her seat and keep track of her in the shop. Ok, so it's because I'm lazy. But that's all off topic.)

Anyway. It's funny, because as soon as we go in Autumn runs over to the couches and the bookshelf, which has several bins of toys. She pulls out the crayons and coloring books, a counting book, and her favorite magnetic doodling thing. She loves this place. She grabs the magnetic pen and scribbles something. Then she pulls the lever to erase it and says, "bye-bye."

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