Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am needing to take a nap--so this will be totally random

I'm tired today. And Autumn just now went down for the nap she usually takes at 1:30 or 2:00. (She's been putting her babies down for naps all over the living room on couch cushions she's pulled on to the floor for the last two hours.)

It was 103 out when we went to run errands this morning and that's without the humidity added in. It's just too stinking hot outside to move. I even closed all the shades on the windows to keep it cool in here and the AC hasn't stopped running all day.

Read Sharon McCrumb's Once Around The Track. Yeah, I read a book about NASCAR, totally by accident. LOL. Still not interested in NASCAR one bit, but it was an intereresting book. I picked it up without even looking to see what it was about. I like her brainless mysteries and the ghost stories, never had any thought it would be about NASCAR. Still managed to read the whole thing, which is really saying something. I think I've read a total of about 4 books in the past year. Amazing how having a kid makes it so hard to read anymore.

brb--i'm thirsty. love Dasani. specially when there are three cases sitting in the breezeway. :-)

Ummmm...watched Deja Vu finally and really enjoyed it...seriously had me holding my breath a couple of times--lol. yeah, pathetic.

Made the first cut for a design team I'm trying to get on. Keep your fingers crossed for me, k? I'd really like to get on this one. :-)

Look for my first pub out this next month! :-) We deposited the check today. Yay! And I've already bought paint with it for our room. Just have to find the time to move all the furniture.

I've been drooling over this tv armoire at Hobby Lobby. Well, it's marked down now from $600 to $359. I'm drooling even more. Stopped by again today to drool. I want it. Our tv is on a teeny tiny desk right now and it's ugly.
MW party on Monday evening. Not ready. But have to get there soon. Hoping if I manage to get a nap in today I can pack up tonight. We'll see.

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