Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today needs to get better...

It's been pretty frustrating so far. I got up and skipped all the routine things in order to make it to a local (as in 35 mins away) farmer's market this morning and get some good local produce. Well, there was one guy selling cabbage (and nothing but cabbage) and one guy with just a few things. I bought some overpriced tomatoes. It was really disappointing...

I get home and there's a package waiting for me. It's the next to last shipment of things I had to buy online for next weeks party. And it's taken about 2 weeks to get here. Very small order--and they shipped the wrong stuff!!!! ARGH! There it is, clearly written correctly on the invoice, with the wrong item in the box. And the party is next week! And I needed to have all this stuff cut, organized, and packed in kits before then!!! Since this didn't get sent out for a week last time I ordered what are the chances it will even get here before the party? I'm thinking pretty much non-existent.

And then I notice that the bag of clothes I left on the front steps is still there. The bag of clothes that I listed on Freecycle and had 8 responses for overnight. I had decided to give it to the lady who emailed twice saying how badly her daughter needed clothes and that she could pick up immediately. I check my email when I go inside and it turns out that she has to get a ride here to pick up and doesn't know if she can make it today. So there it sits on the front steps--the ugly garbage bag full of clothes.

I'm thinking about just restarting the day. I think when I put Autumn down for her nap, I'll lay down for a few minutes too. And then get up take a shower and just pretend this morning didn't happen.

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