Friday, June 08, 2007

Dictionary of Autumn-ese

Just a few I can think of off the top of my head...

arf-arf = dog
gitty = cat
ticky-ticky = tickle
e-in = airplane
uck=truck, duck, or yuck depending on the situation
ock= rock or sock
ainain = raisin
ba-ba= cup, juicebox, water bottle, etc.
osh-osh= rhinoceros
deeshee = baby
up-da = up, down
dutton= belly button
mous= mouth
eas = ears
oush =nose
ice = slide
stink or yuck = messy diaper
boom=a sonic boom, something falling, a pillow
nana-nana-nana...= banana (this goes on until she gets one)
eesh = cheese
duck=anything with a beak or bill

She will use all of these in sentences too.
For example, if she sees Reagan's dog food: "Dat arf-arf numma-numma!!"
Or, pointing at the sky: "Moo!!! See moo??"
Or, going to bed: "night-night Deeshee, night-night fish, bye-bye ight"


Katie said...

I have no idea what's wrong with Blogger that it inserted all the spaces between the lines of this post. It looked normal before I posted it. Oh well.

Kelly said...

If you go in to edit your post, view it in HTML, not compose mode. You should be able to just remove all the returns that you want to there.