Friday, May 05, 2006

So Grateful...

...that Autumn is so good at playing independently (all day) and yet she still likes to cuddle.

I'm babysitting for a newborn today. (Well, I guess he still qualifies as a newborn--I think he's about 3 1/2 weeks old?) It's kind of a trial run to see if I want to start doing it a couple days a week, probably starting next month. It's funny just how incredibly tiny and skinny he is. Autumn was never this small. I think he's still about 2 1/2 pounds lighter now than she was when she was born. So far it really hasn't been too bad.

Autumn just went down for an early nap. Rough night again last night for her--still not sure what the matter is. Rougher night for me--never was able to get to sleep. This is all too common over the last few months. So I'm tired now.

I'm making cinnamon rolls. I haven't made them in ages. Not since living at home and a long time ago even then. But Matt has a day off and the kitchen was really clean--which always inspires me to cook and make a mess of it. :-) They've been taking forever, but they smell really good right now since they're finally in the oven. I wanted to put in walnuts or pecans, but I didn't have any so some of them have almonds and some are plain.

Gotta run.

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