Sunday, May 14, 2006


is getting fixed and had to be shipped off. however, we were able to get a desktop for $5 at a garage sale over the weekend, so all's good. matt has had to spend a long time running stuff to get rid of viruses and massive amounts of spyware. first time i tried to check my email, i think there were about 15 popups in the couple minutes i was on. it was pretty cool though, cause we got the computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard all for $5 and it works great (once matt got the superfluous stuff off). at the next garage sale they had the same type of computer for $85, plus the monitor for another $25.

anyway...probably won't be any updates for a while because the only way i was able to update so often before was because i could have the laptop and type while watching autumn where she happened to be. too much stuff in the office for her to get into, so updates will probably be minimal over the next few weeks.

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Faith said...

Missed you guys at the alumni get-together yesterday. :-/ I hope I can see you guys, and Autumn, soon. I'm never able to see you when you're up this way.