Wednesday, May 03, 2006


still for Matt to get home. I don't really like it when he works the evening shifts. (Neither does he.) I always wish we had a dog (a big one) to keep me company and keep me from getting nervous when he's working late. Yeah, the nerves are pretty dumb cause we really don't live in that bad a neighborhood, but they're there just the same. They don't want to listen to reason.

Anywho...the good news is--we may actually get a dog. Well, a puppy anyway. :-) I've said from the beginning that I don't want one unless I can get a purebred female registered golden retriever...preferably a dark one...and for free. Believe it or not all of that may actually work out.

My parents just bred their golden retriever, so there may be some pups showing up in a couple months, and, assuming that there are more than three and that there is a female in the litter--it looks like we'll get one. Yay! (Though I probably won't be saying that when it's chewing up everything, digging holes, and generally behaving like a puppy.)

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