Thursday, March 09, 2006


Autumn and I just fed her fish. She really likes them. I hold her up next to the tank and drop the food in and then close the lid quickly because the black skirted tetras swim up to the top of the tank so fast that they fly out of the water. I'm always afraid they're going to get out. The neons hang out under the filter, grabbing pieces that slowly float down to them and the platy floats along the top, collecting everything in his way. There's always a quick search for the algae eater guy that is perfectly camoflaged in with the rocks. Sometimes we find him, sometimes we don't.

I don't think Autumn really cares about the algae eater anyway. From the moment the food hits the water and the commotion starts, she's glued to the tank watching the fish dart up and down. Her eyes get big, her mouth falls open and she reaches out both hands to press against the glass. She stays that way until I take her away. She likes watching the tetras move, but I think her favorite is still the platy, because he's so bright. When we took her to the pet store she picked out the platys. We were showing her all the different kinds of fish and when we got to the platys she spat out her pacifier and got really excited "ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh..."

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