Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just Gardening

Just taking a quick break to swallow down some mid-day caffeine. I missed my coffee this morning, so I'm really feeling it now. As soon as Autumn wakes up from her nap (any minute) we've gotta run and do some shopping. Michael's (40% off coupon expires today), Lowes (for fire ant killer--they're driving me nuts!), and Wal-Mart (for more seeds and some other random things).

I've spend most of today working on the garden (YAY!), since we had it tilled a couple days ago and it's been really pretty out today. So far I've planted four rows of beans, salad green mix, onions, and sunflowers. I planned on putting in peas (though it's really too late), but the area I was going to put them in next to the fence is infested. The ground looks like it's boiling...zillions of little red ants that want nothing else but to bite and bite and bite anyone who comes near them.

So I smell like OFF because I sprayed my feet and legs with it to try to keep the ants from eating me alive. It didn't work very well, and though I've scrubbed and scrubbed the nasty "deep woods" smell is still lingering. Oh well.

I've got herbs and marigolds coming up in a tray next to the big living room window. And sprouting potatoes nearly ready to go in the ground (though I have no idea if they'll grow down here). And squash and cucumber seeds waiting to go in when we get back from shopping. (Though it's supposed to rain, so they might have to wait.)

I put a small bed of bulbs and myrtle around the magnolia tree in the front yard. Today I was out there adding some more flower seeds and found that on the side of the tree away from the house something has been digging up the bulbs. Pesky squirrels! They're cute but annoying.

It's hard to believe that on Thursday Autumn and I will be back to late winter in Indiana. I have to admit that I really do prefer these gorgeous spring days down here. But I'm really really not looking forward to the summer. UGH! Thank goodness for the AC.

Ah... The coffee has done it's job and I'm feeling alive again, so I think I'm going to go see if Autumn wants to wake up and eat and head out to the stores.

Click on the's honeysuckle growing on our fence--with yesterday's misty rain.

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