Friday, March 03, 2006

quick update

I have been meaning to update all week, but things have been busy, busy, busy. Although, looking at the state the house is in and how many things are still on my to-do list, I'm really not sure what it is that I've actually gotten done so far.

Last weekend was great, but far too short. We were able to catch up with several friends while we were up there, though we still didn't have enough time.

Going up there again made me realize just how much more I need to keep up with people and that we need to visit again soon. But it also made us realize just how glad we are to be away from the craziness of life in that area. Life is so much easier, simpler, and better down here away from the stress, traffic, and high cost of living in DC.

As Matt pointed out, is was also pretty cool to be up there as "super-tourists" and know how to navigate and find everything in the area. Well, he could at least. I think I would be pretty lost if it was just me, since I pretty much drove on the toll-road and rode the metro. He drove a lot more.

I've got more to say, but Autumn is hungry and I've gotta run...

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