Friday, June 09, 2006

We've got the laptop back! Actually, it's been back for a few days, but Grandma K. has been visiting and I've been babysitting for LBL, so I haven't had time to get on and post pictures. But I've been getting lots and lots of people bugging me about not having any new ones up, so I'm going to take a few minutes and post some.

In other news...

-Autumn stood up on her own without support for the first time about three days ago. She's been enjoying practicing since, but only for a couple seconds at a time.

-We picked our first red tomatoes yesterday--4 cherry ones and 2 full-sized ones. Not much, but there are LOTS more close to being ripe. We each got to taste a cherry tomato and they were GOOD :-).

-We had a bit of a scare the other day when Autumn dove head-first into a fire ant nest (she was tired of being pushed around in her car and decided she wanted out). I tried to get all the ants off of her as fast as possible and managed to get them all over me. Thankfully she only got a couple of bites on her hands and they haven't been bothering her much.

-All four of Autumn's top teeth seem to be trying to come in at once. They aren't actually through yet, but her gums are very swollen and she's drooling like crazy and chewing on anything that stands still long enough.

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