Friday, June 30, 2006

Books to read...

Thinking ahead to August and the beach (YAY!), I'm going to need some good beach reading. In other words, stuff that doesn't take too much brain power. Any suggestions?

And while we're on the topic, I'm glad that Autumn has progressed to sitting through chapters of Winnie the Pooh (though she often falls asleep). Winnie the Pooh is so much more satisfying than 8-10 page board books (though Autumn still enjoys those very much). But beyond children's books...

Things I want to read this summer (or, more likely, over the next year and a half):

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

because it looks interesting and keeps getting recommended to me by Amazon

The Kite Runner
same as above

The Persian Puzzle
because i haven't kept up with this stuff nearly as well as i should and because i used his work a lot in research papers at school (lovely CRS reports :))

The Devil Wears Prada
because it was recommended to me by a friend who didn't think i would read such "frivolous" books--little does she know ;-)

Of Mice and Men
because i enjoyed east of eden so much

The Great Gatsby
because i've never read it

The Secret Adversary

because i've read it at least five times, but it's still my favorite agatha christie and it's about time to read it again--maybe out loud to matt

The Silver Chair and The Last Battle
matt and i have been (very very slowly) making our way through c.s. lewis out loud, some fiction, some not. these are the last of the chronicles that we have to read. and yeah, these may be officially categorized as children's books, but they're really for all ages. :-)

I know there are a bunch more that I have mentally listed that I want to read, but they've been temporarily erased. Does anyone have any other suggestions for good reads?

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