Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just a quick post while Autumn's napping. I'm trying to get caught up on vacuuming etc. while she's out, since she's still scared to death of the vacuum.

I'm finding that I have to vacuum the dining room, kitchen, and most of the living room every single day now because Autumn makes such a huge mess all the time, dropping things from her high chair, shredding any papers she can reach, and generally being a baby.

I'm mostly behind on housework because of babysitting LBL yesterday. He is usually a fussy kid anyway, but yesterday he screamed from 12:00 till 5:00. He wouldn't even stop to catch his breath. At first I think he was hurting cause he was gassy, but then he just got ANGRY. He turned all red and the veins on his head were sticking out (he doesn't have any hair). The one time that he was quiet was when his bottle was in his mouth for his 3:00 feeding. Rocking, walking, the swing, singing--nothing helped. I am SOOOOO grateful that Autumn is generally a good kid. I would lose my mind if I had to have this kid full time instead of just two days a week.

The state just issued water restrictions, which for me mean that I'll have to start getting up earlier to get the garden done. ICK. At least I can still use water, just at restricted times. If we could just get some rain! We're down over 9 inches and the heat just keeps going higher. Everyone's yards are brown stubble with the exception of a few weeds that must be able to grow in the desert.

My mystery plant has turned out to be a pumpkin. It's getting very large. I think it's going to be ripe way too early.

Anyway, better get back to vacuuming.

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