Saturday, June 10, 2006

From the Yard

a volunteer--this big bushy marigold plant came up in the collards. it wasn't interfering with anything so i just let it go, even though we hadn't planted it. it's been rewarding us with tons of gorgeous blooms.

i only planted one cherry tomato plant this year...and it's now over 7 feet tall! with hundreds of tomatoes all over. lots are on the verge of being ripe right now. the first few that have gotten ripe haven't even made it inside, because we keep snacking on them while we're working in the garden. fresh tomatoes are awesome!

this is another volunteer plant that decided to come up where the garden meets the lawn. i can't quite figure out what it is though. it has to be some sort of squash, but the actual squash on it are funny looking. big and round and green--they look more like watermelons than anything else. guess we'll find out what it's like when i start picking them.

our yard literally has hundreds of these pink glads in it. i'm planning on digging up a lot of them this fall, since they're extremely crowded. if anyone wants some bulbs, let me know. (especially if you have something else to trade.)

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Lindy said...

Yay for having the laptop back! I've been missing your posts. Since we got back from Italy, I haven't had regular access to internet, so my updates have been pretty sporadic. Your garden looks fantastic...hooray for cherry tomatoes, because they are the best.