Tuesday, June 20, 2006

She's got rhythm!

Autumn "dances" every time she hears music. She raises her hands in the air and bounces up and down until the music stops. Commercials, cell phones, the radio, and anything else that makes cool sounds.

She's getting a lot better about standing up without support, but it still makes her nervous, so she sits down pretty quickly.

I made a huge batch of zucchini bread last night. It wasn't finished baking it till about 12:30. Some is in the freezer and some I'm giving away. I cheated though--we haven't gotten as much zucchini as I was hoping, so it was partially zucchini and partially summer squash (which we've had lots of). It's good though and Autumn has been enjoying eating it (as well as crumbling it and throwing it on the floor).

She's been so busy busy busy lately. She just goes all the time. Crawling all over the house, chewing on everything, wrestling with her Daddy. Here she is in sleeping in the middle of her dinner after a hard day of playing.

I need to go buy some jars and make some salsa. The tomatoes and peppers are really ripening quickly now. Certainly won't be able to make salsa, sauce, etc. on the scale we did back home, but for a little garden in town, I think we'll do pretty well.

Anybody have any good eggplant recipes? I've got several vegetarian ones from Moosewood, but I'd love to have some more ideas. We have lots and lots of eggplant and I don't want it to go to waste.

Anyway, Autumn is done with her bath, so I have to run. Here is a picture of some of the tomatoes I picked yesterday.

Sorry for another boring post. Maybe I'll come up with some time to think and actually come up with something better to post.


Lindy said...

Wow...you have tomatoes already...Mom's tomatoes (120 plants--eek!) won't be ready until at least August. I guess that is the virtue of an early summer down in the south. Luckily, though, when your mom has 120 hearty plants, you can expect to get some...probably lots and lots, actually. That, and peppers, and one of five different basil varieties. Gardens are fun, aren't they? If Lance and I had any room at the apartment, we might try our hand at it.

Katie said...

120 plants--I really wish we had space for that many. The early spring down here is a very nice thing. But not the temperatures (for today and yesterdaylow 100s). And not the state-wide drought. And not the water restrictions that went into effect yesterday.

One summer when I was home I did 400 tomato plants and 350 peppers. We had tons! But with a garden that big the weeds really got away from me. :-)

They're starting to get away from me even now with a small garden and truckloads of mulch because the heat is so bad I can't handle weeding in the middle of the day when Autumn's napping. And I don't like having her out there much because there are just too many fire ant nests to get into. (Another thing that is NOT nice down here.)

ibaurora2 said...

Moussaka I REALLY good if you like ground lamb/beef, eggplant, eggs, milk, and cheese with some fun spices. :-) Let me know if you want a recipe.