Thursday, June 29, 2006

puppy pics

They're not actually terribly cute yet, since they were just born this morning, but here are some pictures. There are 10 of them. Eight boys and two girls. The darker of the two girls (the one in the shoe) is ours. :-)


Jessica said...

I have a name suggestion for the puppy if you haven't thought of one yet...

What do you think of Lyric?

I also like the name Bree.

Let me know what you think.


PS: The one in the shoe is yours.

Drew & Leah said...

Oh how fun!! How long before you can bring here home? Have you thought of any names yet?


Katie said...

We're hoping to pick her up in mid-August, right before "beach week" with my mom's family. No names yet, though we've been tossing around ideas. Matt, of course, wants to name her after a political figure. (Autumn's fish are named after all the Supreme Court Justices.)