Thursday, April 13, 2006

Autumn is really clingy today. I'm not really sure why. Right now, she's sitting on the floor in the living room playing with her rings and occasionally watching bits of The Office. She's wearing a sailor dress handed down to her from Aunt Miriam. As long as I stay near her, she's happy playing and cooing and talking to her toys. If I move away, even if I stay in the same room, the cooing turns into shrieks.

She has two teeth and they are very sharp. There's a mark on my arm where she bit me earlier. I yelled.

The Shipp's came by yesterday and left this morning. It was great to see them and Nora and Autumn seemed to enjoy seeing each other too. We didn't do a whole lot other than sitting around and talking, but it was good. We were able to spend several hours outside, which was nice.

Today's been kind of weird since I was up all night again last night. Thankfully, Matt didn't have to work until the afternoon, so he was able to watch Autumn while I got a nap. I was wide awake all night and this morning until about 8:30. Tired, but not at all sleepy. What was funny is that at about 8:30, the landscapers started mowing the lawn across the street and the mower noise immediately knocked me out.

I wish it would rain.

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