Sunday, April 30, 2006


I don't actually know many people who garden, so I kinda doubt I'm going to get a response to this, but I guess it's worth a shot...

Does anyone know of a good website or other way to swap flower bulbs? I'm planning on digging up and dividing daffodils later in the week. There are TONS of them and I know I'm not going to be able to find places to plant them in our yard. Also, in the late summer I'll be digging up and dividing glads. Again, there are TONS of them.

All the flowers are in desparate need of division. I have no idea how long it's been since anything has been done with them, but I would guess at least ten years.

I could probably sell them on ebay or just give them away, but I would like to trade with someone instead. We have lots of flowers in our yard, but only a few varieties and I would really like to add some more colors and types.

I'm not looking for crocuses, tulips, or hyacinths since we live too far south--they're basically annuals this far south--but I would like to get pretty much anything else. I would especially like to get some lilies and cannas, or even glads if they're not pink.

Also, if anyone's interested in some monkey grass...I think I'm going to have to launch an all-out war on it before long. It's taking over.

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Jessica said...


You probably found these sites, but if not...

I'm not sure how active they are, but they seem to be pretty current.

Do you have a Master Gardener program there? It's really big around here, and they have plant swaps in the Spring and Fall. Your extension office would be able to give you more information. I wish I had more time to garden. I loved it last year, but I'm afraid to start anything this year because I know I won't have time to keep it up!