Monday, April 17, 2006


Matt's watching 24. I'm in the office, in the office chair, rolling back and forth from the computer to the printer every few minutes to refill the photo tray. It doesn't hold very many sheets. At least it's not vellum anymore. :-) It is confusing though because the background colors of the paper keep creating the optical illusion that the printing is skewed sideways, but it's not. Only about 250 more to go.

Matt's mom and sister came over today for a while to help me and to play with Autumn. (I assembled invites basically from the time I woke up until we went to dinner, and now I'm back to it again.) We went out for Mexican with them for dinner and Autumn tried a little bit of rice and a little bit of my quesadilla filling. She liked it. She thought it was fun to try to chew the rice, and with only two bottom teeth, chewing kept her occupied for quite a while. She likes to try to grab everyone's food and drinks and anything else that gets close enough on the table.

She's getting a lot better about sitting up in a restaurant highchair. The first couple times she tried, she would lose her balance and tip backwards a little, and, not realizing there was a back to the chair, she would get scared.

As for me, things are still pretty lonely down here. We need to make some friends.

I read a book the other night. I Capture the Castle. It took me several one page days to get into it, since I never have time to read, but then I read all the rest of it in one night when I couldn't sleep. Thanks for the recommendation Lindy. :-) It was good because it didn't require too much thinking and was just enjoyable. I'm hoping I can get to the other recommendations soon.

Other than watering every day, I've been really neglecting my garden. When I get finished with my current project I really have to devote some time to weeding and mulching. It's not too bad yet, but there are tons and tons of itty bitty weeds coming up that before I know it are going to strangle out everything else. I've also got to figure out how to get rid of the huge fire ant nest over next to the fence or I'm never going to get the cucumbers in. The ants are mean!

The weather has been gorgeous, but I really want some rain.

198 sheets to go.

I'm really tired.

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