Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Quest For Bookshelves

It seems that no one ever gets rid of bookshelves. They get rid of china cabinets, tables and chairs, coffee tables. They get rid of mattresses and lamps and couches. They get rid of microwave carts, computer desks, and entertainment centers. But they do not get rid of bookshelves.

We've been looking for bookshelves for months now. Garage sales every weekend. (Isn't it wierd that down here they can have garage sales year round?) Looking through the classifieds every weekend. I was looking on Craig's List, but finally gave up on that because it took too much time and never had any affordable results.

Our house has lots and lots of furniture in it. We've been slowly getting rid of things and moving things out. But the only bookshelves we have are the wall of built-ins in Autumn's room and a small one in the office that has crafting supplies on it. Obviously not enough space for any two PHC alumni to hold their books (even after selling all the duplicates). Not to mention the fact that I have always been a book collector and have literally hundreds of volumes back home in Indiana that I have yet to move down here.

I wonder why no one gets rid of bookshelves?

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Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

Back when my parents were young and poor, my dad made bookshelves out of pieces of plywood and concrete blocks.... They actually looked kind of cool and I inherited them when I was living on my own. I am not sure what happened to them, but I wish I had them now. -rlr