Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Okay, so I keep forgetting to post this. The other day I was working in the office early in the morning before Autumn woke up. I got up and was walking into the living room when I heard the oddest noise outside.

Now, we live on a corner lot and there's a stop sign on the corner, so I get to hear lots of hip-hop blaring, mufflers dragging, and loud brakes as cars come up to the corner, stop, and then turn onto the street in front of our house. But this was different.

The noise stopped at the corner and I walked to the window to try to find out what was making the racket. As I expected, there was a car at the stop sign. It paused for a moment, turned the corner and sped off down the street...

...dragging a vacuum cleaner along behind it.

Yeah, that's right, a vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner (no longer upright) being dragged along a significant way behind the car by its cord.

I figure either they had been vacuuming out the car and the cord got stuck in the door and they dragged it off to work with them that morning (though it was making so much noise I don't know how they missed it), or they just got really mad at their vacuum. I've wanted to destroy mine on more than one occasion, but I've never gotten that creative.

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Lindy said...

That is TOO funny...I sat at my desk at work and laughed. Maybe I'll try that the next time the dishwasher spits out a bunch of water on my kitchen floor.