Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This morning (again)

Waiting for lbl to get here still and there's no better way to make him arrive than to start writing something. Random things...

I gave Autumn a peanut-butter and honey sandwich this morning for the first time. Of course, she thought the best thing to do with the filling was not to eat it, but to use it as hair gel. Out of the highchair, straight to the bath tub.

Then I pulled out her Duplos for the first time in a while. She was thrilled and immediately commenced the next great battle in the DinoWars. She's also fascinated by the fact that she can put the blocks back into the tub, not just dump them out. This makes me very happy too. :-) Now if I can just convince her to do that when she's finished playing...


I don't think I like the dark red paint we had for the end walls in the living/dining room anymore. I painted the bookshelves (still need some touch-ups), and brought them in here, and I don't like the way the color looks anymore. May need to go back to my original plan of using a green on the accent walls. But I think I'll keep the bookshelves in here anyway. I like the red, just not on something as big as a wall. Maybe I'll re-paint the wicker toy-box to match. I think the red will be okay on the walls in the kitchen. (Though I'll have to add more task lighting under the cabinets, which I need anyway.)

The creamy color on the walls in the hallway looks really good though. I need to finish the trim. Our hallway is the size of a closet, yet has six doorways leading out of it, so there is a LOT of trim. :-) But the walls only took one coat of paint, so that's awesome.

Been de-cluttering things and giving lots of stuff away on Freecycle. I still have another box of my old clothes to go through and list, as well as some baby stuff left over from the yard sale. It feels awesome to be purging all this stuff out of the house. Another nice thing about Freecycle is that you can use it to get rid of clothes like you can goodwill, but the people who want the clothes will actually pick them up, so you don't have to take them anywhere. Very cool. Especially since it means that, unlike goodwill, you're not tempted to bring more junk back with you from the store.

He's still not here, so I'd better call and see what's up.


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