Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hanging out...

in atlanta. we came up with matt, since i was off from baby sitting this week. we need to head home before long, because family is coming tomorrow. and the puppy. :-)

autumn has been extremely difficult with being away from home and not having her regular routine. today, so far, has been going better. she got to bed earlier last night and actually slept through most of the night. that helps. i'm not really looking forward to dealing with her on the drive home by myself though.

i need to find a large format scanner today (SOON) so i can get a layout in for a contest. there are a couple other contests i'd like to get stuff into, too. but prolly won't have enough time before the beach. i did get a couple more pages done for grandma's beach book(s). she should have everything done by the beach though. so that's cool.

that's all for now.

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