Tuesday, August 22, 2006


We just got back home yesterday evening. The beach was nice, but Autumn and I only got about 2 days to enjoy it. Somehow we managed to take a virus with us and EVERYONE got sick. Icky. I've recovered, but poor Autumn is taking longer to get better.

I'll try to get some pictures posted after I unpack and locate the CD I saved them too. In other words, it will probably be a couple days. :-)

Autumn now has four top teeth and three bottom ones, and a swollen gum where the fourth one on the bottom wants to come in. She's tired and cranky. Misses all the people to play with at the beach.

Beginning to think I'm crazy for having a teething baby and a teething puppy at the same time. Autumn is scared to death of Reagan (who tries to chew on her every chance she gets), but more on that later. I set up a "playpen" for Reagan in the back yard and I think she's going to be spending quite a bit of time out there. She loves the monkey grass--that makes one of us.

Anyway, Autumn's down for an early nap, so I need to grab a quick shower and start unpacking all this stuff.

Thank goodness Matt cleaned the house while I was gone. We didn't have time before we left and when I came back it was all done. Even the laundry was folded and the kitchen was gleaming. :-) YAY!

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Lindy Cummings said...

Oh, I am so sorry that your vacation ended like that! How horrible!
I think getting both the teething dog and teething child over with at one time is rather a good thing, though...at least they will be done with it and you will be on to bigger and better things...you can even potty-train them at the same time (well, Reagan will probably be ready for that before Autumn). I like the name you gave your dog...it's cool.
Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer.
Mom asked me the other day where Matt works?